Have you got a Recipe for Blackberry and Apple Crumble

Walking along the canal tow path at the back of my home the hedge grow is heavy with the luscious black fruit of the bramble – blackberries.Autumn in Britain is epitomised by the sight of this fruit which grows in abundance in the country and is also free for the taking; I have happy childhood […]

Recipes Fruit Smoothies

The arrival of spring and summer often ignite a spark within us, reminding us of the importance of having a healthy and well balanced diet. Achieving such a goal doesn’t mean having to eat like a rabbit. With the addition of healthy smoothies into your diet, it almost feels like you’re cheating because they’re so […]

What is Flaming the Christmas Pudding

Do something for the first time and it is fresh and novel, capturing the attention. Do it twice and it can still be a talking point but is in danger of becoming repetitive. Repeated for the third time it becomes a tradition. Flaming the Christmas pudding is like that. From a startling innovation, guaranteed to […]

Best Veggie Smoothie ever

You know that old saying “Eat your vegetables!”?  Well, it doesn’t just go for kids.  In many households, adults have just as much of a problem consuming the recommended daily vegetable amount as their younger counterparts do.  Eating your veggies, however, doesn’t have to be extremely complicated or even difficult.  A great way to jumpstart […]

How to Make a Tasty Healthy Smoothie

Smoothies are a tasty and nutritious way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet. But with all of the recipes online and in books, how do you know which ones taste good and still pack a healthy punch? A healthy smoothie starts with good quality produce. Summer and harvest time are usually the […]

How to Make a Mojito

One of the most popular drinks sweeping the United States is the Bacardi Mojito. Often called the national drink of Cuba, the Mojito is a refreshing and colorful mint and lime rum drink. It is perfect to stimulate conversations for summer gatherings, or cookouts.  While convenient commercial mixes are available at most liquor or grocery […]

The best Time of Day for a Smoothie

Smoothies have become the popular answer to many dietary problems, from weight loss, to protein deficiency, to a simple pick-me-up. The variety of ingredients used in these delicious and nutritious drinks is endless, and purely a matter of choice, as in the time of day they are enjoyed. For many, with a hectic lifestyle, they […]

The History of Bacardi Rum

Rum tends to evoke the spirit of the Caribbean, of pirates and treasure, palm trees, golden sand and tropical adventures.  The most famous rum of all, Bacardi, has a long and colorful history in the Caribbean, and, almost since its inception, has been a highly popular drink with a much greater percentage of the population […]

4 Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Due to their versatile and nutritious nature smoothies can serve as the perfect meal replacement for people of all ages. They can also be utilized as a great mid-afternoon snack or a savvy way to teach kids how to incorporate healthy habits into their everyday routines. The following four smoothie recipes are examples of the […]

What is Muscovado and how is it used

What is muscovado? Muscovado is an unrefined, minimally processed brown sugar that tastes similar to molasses. It comes from sugarcane juice, which gives it much of its flavor. It is made by pressing the sugarcane so it releases the juice, cooking the juice slightly and then allowing it to dry. After it dries it is […]